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The Co-op Trail's Solar Wagon

Claire explains our homemade sustainable transportation

Arena Market and Cafe

Point Arena, CA

Point Arena to Mendocino

Garcia River Hot Springs

Corners of the Mouth, Natural Food Store

Mendocino, CA

Artists' Co-op of Mendocino

Mendocino, CA

Mendocino to the Avenue of The Giants

Avenue of the Giants

Ferndale to Petrolia

The Wildcat Ride

Uplift Cannabis Co-op

Petrolia, CA

Full Cycle Compost

Arcata, CA

Arcata to the CA-OR border

The Northern Redwoods

North Coast Co-op

Arcata, CA

Central Oregon Coast

Florence to Tillamook

Southern Oregon Coast

Brookings to Tillamook

Port Orford Food Co-op

Port Orford, OR

Coos Head Food Co-op

Coos Bay, OR

Front Street Community Bikeworks

Coos Bay, OR

Green Bike Co-op

Waldport, OR

Alberta Co-op

Portland, OR

CityBikes Worker Co-op

Portland, OR

Food Front Co-op

Portland, OR

Portland Co-op Loop

A co-op tour of Portland

People's Food Co-op

Portland, OR

Columbia River Gorge

Portland to Klickitat, WA

High Cascades

Klickitat River to Mt Rainier

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