Rainier to Seattle

One hundred miles down the mountain Pacific Northwest Trail

This route is a ride from the southwest corner of Mount Rainier National Park into downtown Seattle. We’ve run the route northbound toward Seattle which makes it much easier to complete in 1 day thanks to the 2000 foot decline from Mount Rainier. The route from Rainier to the edge of Orting, WA is a bit of a pain mostly on road with little shoulder, but once you hit the Foothills trail you can be riding on separated bicycle trails almost the whole way to downtown Seattle.

The first segments on Foothills Trail from Orting to Pyallup and Sumner Link trail through Sumner are particularly lovely. On the Sumner Link Trail you will also pass through a suburban industrial area and if you keep your eyes peeled you can see REIs headquarters campus.

The Interurban trail is less scenic but we are still very grateful it is there as a 15 mile long connector through the south Seattle suburbs.

When 20 miles from downtown, you’ll find another beautiful Green River trail. From here your route may vary along the streets of Seattle’s neighborhoods depending on your final destination.

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