Southern Oregon Coast

Brookings to Tillamook Pacific Northwest Trail

The whole of the Southern Oregon coast is a a beautiful and interesting landscape to ride. The southern portion of this route felt like one of the safer cycling routes compared to other parts of coastal Highway 101.

We rode 77 miles of coast from Hastings Park to the small town of Port Orford where we loaded up on delicious locally grown food at the Port Orford Food Co-op. We stayed the night near Port Orford in a dispersed campsite just off Elk River Rd rode along the calm and beautiful Elk Creek in the Grassy Knob Wilderness of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

The next leg stretched from Port Orford to Sunset Bay State Park just south of Coos Bay. From Sunset Bay we day tripped into Coos Bay to visit the Coos Head Food Co-op for supplies and paid a visit to the Front Street Community Bikeworks to take care of some maintenance on our bike.

From Sunset Bay, the next leg stretched up to Dunes Recreation Area near Dune City, where we stashed the bikes for an overnight backpacking trip to a disperesed site on the dunes near Three Mile Lake.

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