Arcata to the CA-OR border

The Northern Redwoods Pacific Northwest Trail

Starting in Arcata, CA stocking up at the North Coast Co-op, we left Arcata via the Hammond Coastal Trail, a local favorite that we learned about from the fantastic folx at Moon Cycles Collective. After about 9 miles, this joined back up with Highway 101, which we rode over two days stopping overnight at the Trinidad North rest area just for a quick sleep.

We turned off Highway 101 again to take the beautiful Newton B Drury Scenic Houte which leads to the hiker/biker camp at Elk Meadow Campground in Elk Prairie Redwoods National Park. This is one of the best hiker/biker areas we stayed at and highly recommended for the views of the elk herd in the area.

The next leg of the trip returns to 101 for a somewhat frustrating but necessary ride along a few shoulderless steep stretches. Just after entering Crescent City, take Elk Valley Rd to Jedidiah State Park for another hiker/biker. At this park, you can also see the rare albino redwoods, which don’t produce chlorophyll in their leaves instead relying on nutrients from neighboring trees.

On the next day, we crossed the California Oregon border. Just past the first major town, Brookings, you’ll find the Hastings Beach State Park, another great hiker/biker camp. Alternatively, it is said that despite Oregon beaches being “free to camp,” Brookings is one of the only major cities to allow beach camping so near to it. If you are so inclined, a tent on the sandy beaches around Brookings could be an interesting way to start a tour into Oregon.

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