Arena Market and Cafe

In early 2009, three dozen locals met in Point Arena and enthusiastically agreed that a cooperative grocery would provide a much-needed resource in the community. Five months and hundreds of volunteer hours later, the Arena Market and Café opened on May 19, 2009.

The mission of the Arena Market & Cafe is to be the foundation of a trusted, cooperative marketplace of goods and services that provide for the needs of our diverse community. We, like all cooperatives, are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.

As a member-owned and operated food store, Arena Market & Cafe is an alternative to commercial profit-oriented business. We strive to be a responsible and ethical employer and neighbor, as well as serve as a buying agent for our members rather than a selling agent for industry.

We aim to offer a diversity of products with an emphasis on organic, minimally processed and healthful foods that are sustainably produced, as well as locally and regionally sourced whenever possible. We seek to avoid products that depend on the exploitation of others. We support non-toxic, sustainable agriculture.

We respect the environment. We strive to reduce the impact of our lifestyles on the world we share with other species and future generations. We recycle. We try to lead by example, educating ourselves and others about health and nutrition, cooperation and the environment.

We are committed to diversity and equality, and we strive to make the Coop welcoming and accessible to all and to respect the opinions, needs and concerns of every member. We seek to maximize participation at every level, from policy making to running the store.

We welcome all who respect these values.

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